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TNS Reseller Program Features

Our web based "Reseller Area" will empower you to carefully manage all acquired customers together with products, services and domains they have obtained. At the same time, your clients will be allowed to readily place orders directly in your customized store and then, log in to their own accounts in order to handle purchases, pay invoices or even create tickets.
As a reseller you can also:

  • Add and manage support tickets
  • Define prices and products
  • Create custom invoices
  • Reply to tickets submitted by end clients
  • Customize promotional codes

You can handle the particulars of your customers here, define prices of offered products, set up branding of your store, customize email templates, submit tickets and more.

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Reseller Membership

Resellers can start getting rewarded. Earn 5% on all qualifying sales.

$195.95one time

Reseller Membership Pro

Resellers can start getting rewarded. Earn 10% on all qualifying sales.

$395.95one time