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A Public Digital Wallet Address

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What is a
Digital Name?

Digital Names has created the technology to convert the 30-50 character complex wallet public key into a Human-Readable, Easy-to-Remember format.

Digital Names does for e-wallets sending or receiving any cryptocurrency what Domain Names did for the scale-up of websites on the internet.

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Safe and Secure Platform

Your Digital Name is an alias for your public key and is built on top of existing blockchain networks. Triple level security combined with notifications for every wallet transaction ensures that all your information is protected. We will never ask for your private key.

Trusted Team
& Technology

Digital Names Founder Frank Corsi was instrumental in the development of the world wide web in the early 90’s and helped to draft many of the internet top level domain protocols.

The Digital Address Book

When you buy a Digital Name, this name and the public crypto keys it is linked to appear in our web based Address Book. It an online directory for all members of the Digital Names user community.

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The blockchain internet has been called the Cryptocosm by author George Gilder in Life After Google. It is partly defined by the 2,000+ cryptocurrencies that trade on different blockchain networks. It is also defined by (Digital) Smart Contracts, for which a cryptographic public key or Digital Name is also needed for identification, authentication and settlement of blockchain network transactions.

The blockchain internet is also defined by Utility Coins that drive corporate incentives, rewards and loyalty programs. It is defined by Stable Coins and Securitized Token Offerings which link an underlying asset with digital programmable rights.

The blockchain internet is the biggest innovation for new value creation in history. We're in the first inning of its scale-up. For commerce of every type the blockchain internet is more secure, private and efficient than the original internet. As the blockchain internet scales, all business models will be effected. Every business will need to align and adjust to it or risk becoming irrelevant.

For all these reasons, the blockchain driven internet is better than what we have now. It is more secure and efficient, eliminating the need for payments intermediaries to most transactions. It unleashes vast new sources of value creation.

Your Digital Name and eWallet on your smartphone are your passport to the blockchain internet.

Typing one character incorrectly sends your irreversible blockchain transaction to the wrong blockchain address resulting in a complete loss of that asset. With a Digital Name the complicated public crypto key becomes a human language name, which is far easier to remember, type and recognize when transacting digital assets in setting up any kind of a payment sequence in your digital wallet.

Digital Names is capable of integrating with any wallet, exchange, blockchain, or cryptocurrency because of our over the top network (OTT) design. This design integrates all the blockchain networks and makes them inter-operable and accessible from one Digital Name operating out of one Digital Wallet. Our competition is limited in scaling beyond the networks which they can support.

  • o Pain reduction
  • o Reduces mistypes and lost payments
  • o Reduces transaction anxiety
  • o Easy to use, type, remember, purchase and resell
  • o Transaction value / network inter-operability
  • o Works with all cryptocurrency types and eWallets
  • o Works with crypto exchanges and web hosting platforms
  • o Names can be bought on speculation and resold.
  • o A human readable Digital Name provides an opportunity for a personalized signature

The English or human language naming solution presented by Digital Names solves a big problem related to the scale-up of blockchain networks and cryptocurrency systems.

Over a hundred million consumers in the globally currently use eWallets. There are over 100 million Crypto trading accounts registered on the worlds crypto exchanges. All currently use Public Crypto Keys for transaction settlement.

New companies and individuals entering the emerging blockchain / crypto financial system for the first time frequently find it difficult to understand how to easily send and receive money from eWallets. To regular people or mainstream users the precise steps involved with sending and receiving digital money is currently limiting usage of the blockchain. It is confusing and intimidating, and creates insecurity of inputting keys wrong and losing the value of a transaction.

Digital Names simplifies the remembering, typing and everyday usage of digital wallets for crypto and kind of crypto payments or receipts into or out of a Digital Wallet.

Yes, Digital Names has Zone servers on five continents and high speed connections. Our network and data transmission architecture is designed to onboard new customers, manage directory look-ups dynamically and provide complete Web Hosting Management / Control Systems support to individual customers, eWallet Operators, Merchants, Crypto Exchanges and Web Hosting Platform Services around the globe.

By providing a unique revenue sharing opportunity, Digital Names is partnering with numerous wallet providers in the following industries: cryptocurrency exchanges, gaming platforms, telecom platforms, hardware and software technologies and financial services. These partnerships allow for a service up-sell (and monetization strategy) of existing digital wallet customers. Digital Names also offers an Affiliate Marketing program for Influencers who want to market this service to their audience base.